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Rondout Woodworking, Inc.
Project & Client List _______________________________________

This represents a partial listing of some of our projects from the past 35 years


Ralston Cider Mill
Mendham, NJ

Early 20th century cider mill

Structural stabilization & restoration of 2 floor levels of 18th century stone mill building
• Condition survey and repair recommendations with report
• Machinery restoration including overhauling, setting up and operation of 2 large cider presses, 3 conveyors,
    apple grinder and track & cart system
• Design and installation of electric drive system to run the mill machinery
• Preservation of 4 cypress stave cider vats

Philipsburg Manor, Upper Falls Mill
Historic Hudson Valley, Tarrytown, NY

       • Fabrication and installation of new two-foot diameter by 24-foot long wooden main shaft
       • Fabrication and installation of new 11-foot by five-foot water wheel
       • Replacement of section of footbridge over dam
       • Replacement of 40 foot by eight foot section of hewn timber bridge
       • Repairs to main gearing, main shaft gudgeons and millstone systems
       • Condition survey and evaluation of mill machinery
       • Report including recommendations for the repair and ongoing maintenance of the entire mill apparatus
       • Rebuilding of the headgate and repairs to flume
       • Ongoing repairs and maintenance    

Moravian Municipal Water Supply System Machinery

Historic Bethlehem Partnership Inc, Bethlehem, PA

Complete reconstruction of the wooden components of an 18th century water powered pumping system. The project included the water wheel, main shaft, lantern pinion gear, pump box and pump support framing.

Cooper Mill
Morris County Parks System, Chester, NJ

Nineteenth century water powered grist mill

          • Establish and design layout for completing machinery in mill
          • Repair, sandblast and paint steel Fitz waterwheel and replace outer bearing block
          • Structural work to timbers in mill building
          • Set up and fabrication of grain handling and cleaning machinery including drives

Hanford Mills Museum

East Meredith, NY

Water powered sawmill, gristmill and woodworking shop

• Fabrication of 12' by 10' steel overshot water wheel
• Setup and restoration of several machines within the mill
• Rebuilding of dry laid stone foundation and tail race
• Construction of timber frame structure at mill site
• Rigging and hauling of historic machinery
• Installation of head gate on dam
• Repairs to header tank and flume
• Repairs to wheel control gate
• Setup and repairs to drive trains within mill
• Fabrication and installation of new water gates and trash rack
• Complete rebuild of cast iron scroll case turbine
• Installation of rebuilt turbine, design and partial setup of drive train


Bertolet Sawmill at the Daniel Boone Homestead
State of Pennsylvania, Birdsboro, PA

Water powered reciprocating (up and down) sawmill

• Fabrication of a new flutter wheel
• Fabrication of a new pitman arm
• Replication of the head and tail blocks including ironwork
• Fabrication of carriage stop system
• Repairs to wrag wheel shaft
• Bringing the mill to operational condition

Greenfield Village at the Henry Ford Museum
Dearborn, MI

Extensive documentation and consultation regarding 19th century gristmill prior to the moving of the building and machinery to a new location
Design and fabrication of new 12' x 4' wood water wheel with cast iron hubs and steel shaft for their Loranger Grist Mill

The Mill at Anselma

Mill at Anselma Preservation and Educational Trust, Chester Springs, PA

1747 rural grist mill

• Fabrication of 10' diameter wooden master gear and 5' diameter face gear on counter shaft
• Extensive repair and restoration of assorted mill machinery including elevators, sack hoist
reel bolter and stone furniture
• Structural work to mill building including extensive repairs to wall plates, jacking and            
correcting roof spread

Sanborn Mills
Louden, NH

Early 19th century reciprocating sawmill

       •Design repair work to structural frame of building, design work on machinery

Grist Mill
      • Design of waterwheel

Robinson-Herrling Sawmill
The Kohler Company/State of Wisconsin, Greenbush, WI

Research, design and construction of a 19th century Muley sawmill building and machinery. This project consisted of a complete operational reproduction of a mill that sat on this site until early in this century.

Dixie Landings Resort

Disney Development Company, Lake Buena Vista, FL

This design, fabrication and installation job involved working closely with the client's architectural and engineering firms and coordinating with many other contractors on the job site. The work included the following components:

     • 31' by 4' composite low breast water wheel -- wooden shrouds, steel buckets, steel arms and cast iron hubs
     • Associated machinery including three sets of wooden gears up to 8' diameter and three large log shafts up          to 24' long and 18" diameter
    • Three timber frame support structures carrying the shafts overhead
    • The water wheel powers a cotton press structure with a hand carved wooden screw 22' long and 10"         diameter

Mid America Windmill Museum
North American Timber Framer's Guild, Kendallville, IN

Lead role in planning and construction of timber frame and windshaft for a reproduction post type windmill.

Gomez Mill
Gomez Mill Foundation, Marlboro, NY

   • Fabrication and installation of an 8' diameter by 3' wide steel water wheel, 8' diameter cast iron segment       gear, and associated machinery including setup of clutch, gear motor and drive train
   • Installation of steel "I" beam in historic mill residence

Waln Mill
Monmouth County Park System, Lincroft, NJ

Restoration of the machinery at this 1870's historic grist mill, including the following:

    • Grain elevator system
    • Main and auxiliary drives systems
    • Mill stone systems
    • Ongoing repairs and maintenance

Sprainbrook Sawmill

(Private Client), Washington, CT

Restoration design specifications, drawings and construction of early 19th century water powered up and down sawmill integrating some existing and some new components.

Saddlerock Grist Mill

Nassau County Parks, Great Neck, NY

Replacement of the 20' long by 20" diameter white oak shaft log in this historic tide powered grist mill.

Wye Mill
Society for the Preservation of Maryland Antiquities, Wye Mills, MD

Development of restoration specifications and restoration of 18th century water powered grist mill. Design and fabrication of 8'6" by 8' steel overshot water wheel. The work included the following:

• Complete rebuilding of the water delivery system; sluice, header tank and wheel support piers
• Fabrication of water wheel control system
• Restoration of power train -- shafts, gears, pulleys and belts
• Structural repairs to south wall, three floor levels and timber framed Hurst frame
• Set up of mill stones, stone drive and stone furniture

Busti Mill
Busti Historical Society, Jamestown, NY

Consultation on the restoration of this historic circa 1850's mill.

J. Corwith Windmill
Water Mill Village Improvement Association, Water Mill, NY

Complete restoration of this circa 1800 smock style windmill included the following:

• Rebuilt approximately 85% of the tapered octagonal timber frame structure
• Replication and restoration of all machinery within the mill including sails, windshaft, wooden gears,    mill stones, stone furniture, reel bolter and flyball governors

Blauvelt Grist Mill
County of Bergen, Paramus, NJ

Consultation for the restoration of this circa 1800 grist mill.

Up and Down Sawmill
Mr. Charles Rothe, Palenville, NY

Documentation, disassembly, rigging and salvage of machinery.

Rockland Mills

Mrs. Martha Hubery, Roscoe, NY

Complete documentation, rigging and salvage of mill machinery.

Little Sawyer Grist Mill

Little Sawyer Association, Saugerties, NY

Design, construction and installation of mill components including the following:

• 14' by 6' Wooden water wheel
• Shaft log and wooden gearing
• Erected mill building

Historic Speedwell
Morris County Parks System, Morristown, NJ

Nineteenth century water and steam powered iron furnace and machine shop site.

     · Extensive repairs to 24' diameter wood and iron overshot water wheel
     · Rebuilt Hurst frame
     · Rebuilt cast iron base bucksaw, including patterns and casting for new base panels

Union Mill
Carroll County, Westminster, MD

• Construction and installation of new oak water wheel and wooden shaft
• Construction of new apron
• Ongoing consultation and maintenance

Cable Mill
Friends of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Gatlinburg, TN

Construction and installation of a new oak water wheel at this historic frame mill.

Long Pond Iron Works Water Wheels,
State of New Jersey, Hewitt, NJ
These large industrial wheels, last rebuilt in the 1870's, powered the blowing engines at this very important site in northern New Jersey. They are built from red and white pine with cast iron shafts and hubs.

•Replication and assembly of all wood parts for one 8' by 24' overshot water wheel
• Conservation of existing remains of second wheel of approximately the same size

Brown's Race Water Wheel
City of Rochester Engineering, Rochester, NY

Located in downtown Rochester's Historic Brown's Race district, this project was partially funded with an EQBA grant through the New York State Department of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation. NYS Historic Preservation specialists approved the work for quality workmanship and historical integrity.

• Replication of circa 1830's 24' by 8' high breast water wheel and associated gearing, including   restoration specifications and drawings. This massive wood and cast iron industrial water wheel   powered a forge.
• Complete reconstruction of wooden and missing cast iron components and restoration of viable cast   iron components.

Wolcott Mill
Huron-Clinton Metropolitan Authority, Ray Township, MI

Design and fabrication of 20' by 4' composite construction low breast water wheel. Wooden buckets, shrouds and arms, cast iron hubs and steel shaft. 16' diameter cast iron segment gear and pinion.

Longleaf Plantation
(Private Client), Aiken, SC

Design and construction of a 20' by 5' breast shot wooden water wheel with steel shaft and iron hubs
Installation of speed increasing machinery and generator



Horse-Powered Wheel and Gearing, Burnside Plantation
Historic Bethlehem Partnership, Inc., Bethlehem, PA

• Disassembly and restoration of wooden horse-powered wheel and gearing
• Restoration of a 12' diameter gear, cogs and support arms interlocked with a spider joint
• Design consultation and fabrication of the missing sweep arms and tie wheel
• Ongoing maintenance


Huey Hydro-electric Facility
(Private Client), Tyrone, NY

Consultation to determine necessary repairs.

Mechanicsville Hydroelectric Plant
Hudson River Power Transmission Company, Mechanicsville, NY

Fabrication of lignum vitae bearings for 8" and 9" main shafts at the oldest (at the time) continuously operating hydroelectric facility in the United States.


Sloop Clearwater

Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, Inc., Beacon, NY

On-going consultation and structural repairs to a 75' traditionally built Hudson River sloop, including the following:

            • Extensive replacement of planks, top timbers, and frames
            • Fabrication and installation of new cabin top, new afterdeck, new tiller, new bowsprit and rail cap
            • Extensive rebuild of bow framing and planking
           • Ongoing maintenance

Sloop Woody Guthrie
Beacon Sloop Club, Beacon, NY

• Partner in construction of a 32' traditional built gaff-rigged Hudson River Sloop
• Rebuild of centerboard trunk
• Ongoing frame and plank replacement
• Rebuild cockpit benches
• Ongoing maintenance

Lettie G. Howard
South Street Seaport Museum, New York, NY

Replace ceiling planks and fit new bowsprit on rebuild of 1893 Essex built 75' fishing schooner.

Schooner Ernestina
Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Charlemonte, MA

Fabrication of new 80' long by 20" diameter solid white pine foremast for this historic sailing vessel originally built in the 1890's. This project included shaping and finishing the spar from a rough log, building and fitting new trestle trees, transporting the finished spar a distance of one mile out through the woods and loading it for shipment to the schooner.

M/V Commander
Hudson-Highlands Cruises and Tours, Highland Falls, NY

Partner in installing complete new upper deck for an early 20th century 65' wooden excursion boat.

M/V Mathilda
Hudson River Maritime Museum, Kingston NY

Partner in design, fabrication and installation of adjustable steel shoring system for land-bound, 160-ton steam tugboat.

M/V Parader

Essex, NY

38’ 1920’s cabin cruiser

Replacement of aft section of keel, rudder post, shaft log and dead wood. Reframe stern.



Private Client
Acra, NY

Stabilization and repairs to scribe rule barn including jacking and straightening, 54’ of new oak top plate, 40’ of new purlin and 3 new rafters. This building was greatly distorted and starting to collapse from heavy snow loads.

Private Client
Saugerties, NY

Repairs to early 19th century Dutch Barn and adjoining structure including new sills, post bottoms, construction of floor frame and floor planking, reinforcing braces and replacement of girts.

Town of Saugerties Historical Society
Saugeries, NY

Disassembly and repairs to 18th century Dutch barn frame.

Private Client

Roscoe, NY

Stabilization & Repairs to a 19th century timber frame barn.

Private Client
Saugerties, NY

Constructed timber frame loft structure in an 18th century Dutch Barn.

The Town of Windham

Windham, NY

Repairs and stabilization of a 19th century timber frame barn.

Private Client

Rosendale, NY

Repairs to barn complex that includes a 18th century Dutch Barn.

Private Client

Rhinecliff, NY

Extensive work to main and gable end doors on an early 20th century estate barn.

Private Client

Marbletown, NY

Extensive repair and restoration of an 18th century timber frame barn.

Private Client
Stone Ridge, NY

Replaced front sill timber and scarf new ends onto floor joists in 19th century barn.

Private Client

Woodstock, NY

Extensive structural repairs to early 19th century barn and associated outbuildings.

Private Client
Freeman Barn
Stone Ridge, NY

Removal and replacement of original barn siding for insulation of this building. New interior pine paneling scribed into original barn frame. Structural work to roof.

Pennock Farmstead
(Private Client), Chester County, PA

·• Complete restoration of the wooden frame of an 1806 Quaker barn. This restoration was done in    compliance with the Secretary of the Interior's Standards of Rehabilitation of Historic Buildings.
·• Restoration of early 19th century timber frame corn crib

VerPlank Barn
Mount Gulian Society, Beacon, NY

Structural stabilization and consultation for 18th century Dutch barn.

Jack and Elizabeth Collins Weeks
St. Remy, NY

Design and construction of timber frame barn.

Private Client
Esopus, NY

Structural repairs to the timber frame roof system and walls including new rafters, new purlins, additional purlin posts, new corner post and reinforcing the main plate.


Village of Ticonderoga

Ticonderoga, NY

Ongoing initial consultation and design for replication of a 18th century French sawmill.

Private Client
Accord, NY

Cutting frame for artist design timber frame home.

Mohawk Trail State Park
Massachusetts State Park System, Charlemonte, MA

Extensive structural repairs to 1930's CCC built log cabin.

Private Client

Stone Ridge, NY

Design and fabrication of 18' by 34' artist studio and loft.

Overlook Pavilion, Poet’s Walk Park, Annandale, NY
Scenic Hudson Land Trust, Inc.

This 24' by 34' rustic cedar log pavilion with cedar shake roof and dormers provides the focal point for one of the premier land trust parks of the Hudson Valley.

Maybury Hill
Brooksville Group, Princeton, NJ

Fabrication and raising of timber frame garage structure for a private historic residence.

Montgomery Place Historical Site
Historic Hudson Valley, Barrytown, NY

• Complete restoration of potting shed including skylights and work benches
• Replicating balustrades for the mansion's front porch
• Consultation and documentation of the circa 1920's hydroelectric generator and building

Shinglekill Falls Grist Mill
(Private Client), Purling, NY

Major structural repairs and stone work to a 19th century miller's house.

Horse Stable
(Private Client), Kingston, NY

Structural repairs to sills and walls including pulling the building back to plumb and stabilizing the structure.

Octagonal Building
(Private Client), Stone Ridge, NY

Design and construction of octagonal structure with timber frame truss roof.

Town of Hyde Park Recreation Department
Hyde Park, NY

Partner in raising of timber frame pavilion.


Esopus Meadows Lighthouse

Port Ewen, NY

Ongoing work to this historic Hudson River Lighthouse has included:

Repair work to structural framing in lantern tower
New copper sheathing on lantern desk
Replace interior and exterior paneling on octagonal lantern base

Rondout Lighthouse
Hudson River Maritime Museum, Kingston, NY

Reproduction and restoration of lower level window frames, sashes and sills for this historic landmark.



Private Client

Stone Ridge, NY

Design and construction of log sauna with sod roof.

Private Client
Shokan, NY

Design and construction of recording studio.

Fosterfields Living Historical Farm
Morris County Parks System, Morristown, NJ

Repairs to manure box and wood spoke wheels on a 1890's Kemp New Success manure spreader.

Private Client
Saugerties, NY

Rebuilt two 52-inch-diameter wood spoke cannon wheels including new spokes, new felloes and reshrinking of steel tires.

Urquart Castle


Participated in the construction of two trebuchets (medieval siege engines) for the Public Television Series NOVA.

Virginia Military Academy
Lexington, VA

Instructor for construction of medieval siege engine at Virginia Military Institute.

Daguerreotype Camera
(Private Client)

Replica of an 1843 Daguerreotype camera, displayed in the Eastman Kodak Museum in Rochester, NY Eastman Kodak Museum in Rochester, NY.

Bristol Scout
(Private Client)

Repairs to wing and fuselage of a replica 1917 Bristol Scout bi-plane, currently in the R.A.F. Museum in London, England.

Timber frame truss roof system
(Private Client), Stone Ridge, NY

Design, fabrication and erection of timber frame trusses including curved rafters, molding and wooden roof.


Ornamental Fence and Gate
(Corporate Client), Barrytown, NY

Design, fabrication and installation of 270' of ornamental steel and cast iron fencing and a set of large wooden gates for an historic Hudson River estate.

17th Century Construction Crane
Handshouse Studio, Norwell,MA

Instructor on fabrication of replica wooden medieval construction crane. Handshouse Studio projects are designed as educational experiences for college art and architecture students.

25 ton Granite Obelisk
Handshouse Studio, Norwell, MA

Design and setup of rigging for hand raising this obelisk for a NOVA program.

Turtle – Wooden One Man Submarine
Handshouse Studio, Norwell, MA

Participant in construction of a working replica of a submarine used in the Revolutionary War.

17th Century Polish Bell Tower
Handshouse Studio, Norwell, MA

Instructor for replication of a timber frame bell tower, the original structure is in an open air museum in southern Poland.